Add-on issue - Getting text from a PDF

Stefano Bringhenti


I am writing since I would like to get some insights about getting text from a PDF file. In particular, I would like that the add-on gets and changes spoken text from a PDF file while navigating it (through arrow keys). While the add-on perfectly works on any text editor (by omitting the default speach, using "event_caret" and a function which gets the text from the caret position, modifies it and then speaks it again), the same does not work for a PDF file, since the caret seems to not move at all while using the arrow keys. I think the problem could be solved using something different from the caret for PDF files, but I do not know how to change the add-on in order to let it works also for PDF files. If anyone knows how to solve the problem or some other add-on with a similar aim please write back.

Thanks in advance,
Stefano Bringhenti

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