support for full screen applications in the terminal

Tage Johansson


I'm using the terminal alot and I've been using wsl (Windows Subsystem for Linux) quite heavily during the last year. I'm using NVDA with the linux terminal (started from cmd) and it works quite well. But it doesn't work that very well if I'm going to use a full screen application like vim.

Vim is a powerful text editor running in the terminal. It displays the cursor position att the bottom of the screen. Since NVDA reads all changes in the current terminal window, the speech is interrupted when ever the cursor position changes. So when I type a character, NVDA does only speak the new cursor position which is quite annoying.

Earlier, I've been using brltty on a pure linux machine. Brltty does only speak changes on the current line. That is mutch better when working with full screen applications like vim.

Is it possible to let NVDA only speak changes on the current line? Or can I make an addon which enables that behaviour?

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