NVDA add-ons and Python 3: compatibility list updated as of October 24, 2019


Hello NVDA developers and add-on authors,


The list of compatible add-ons (and state of other add-ons) has been updated based on user requests and recent work by several add-on authors:



Notable highlights:


  • Several add-ons are being ported to Python 3, including AudioThemes, various add-ons from Noelia Martinez, and others.
  • One or two add-ons that are currently not listed on “stable” section (homepage) are being ported to Python 3, including instant Translate.
  • OCR and some other add-ons which displayed “TBD” as their status has been changed to incompatible.


As for your favorite speech synthesizers, more are boarding the NVDA 2019.3 compatibility train.


IMPORTANT: the compatibility list is a collaboration between users, add-on authors, and NV Access. If you have any status change requests, please do let us know so the list can be updated.


One last thing: for those who are unaware, Python 3.8 stable version was released last week; don’t worry about it for now.




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