Re: Names of mouse events?

Karl-Otto Rosenqvist

I take no responsibility for what this code does...
I've been writing code for over two decages but Python...? No, just started and it starts to, perhaps, be more readable but I can't say that I'm comfortable.

I think you have to poke around witht the Python Console and inspect the grid and where you can find the data you're looking for.
The grid I'm working with lacs implementation of the SelectionItemPattern and GridItemPattern and that forces me to get the data from the SelectionPattern and right now there's a bug so it contains the data for the current row + 1... and when the grid isn't full row select mode you don't get the same SelectionInvalidated events...
Yea, I'm pounding on the company that creates this application so they can get their head out of their ... and fix this in their upcoming release that's scheduled for mid november.

Hope you can get anything out of the code.



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Den 2019-10-23 kl. 15:51, skrev Pettyjohn, Chris G. (FTC) via Groups.Io:

Hi Karl-Otto,
  Would you mind sharing your code for readCurrentRow(). I have a grid that i will eventually need to write some code for.  The selected row is not speaking when navigating with arrow keys.  Your code might be useful to me.

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