Re: Possible issue with list column numbers in alpha

Noelia Ruiz


I'm testing with NVDA 2019.1.1 and the issue with column numbers doesn't happen, but of course hiden columns are reported by NVDA.
I understand the problem to fix this inconsistency.
At least I suppose this could be documented or configurable šŸ¤”

El 19/10/2019 a las 11:20, Leonard de Ruijter escribiĆ³:
Hello Noelia,
Do you experience any differences in behaviour before and after this commit?
if an application is programmed correctly, it should really hide the columns (i.e. they shouldn't even be exposes by the syslistview32 control). However, this patch was written for situations where even though columns are visually hidden, they are exposed by the syslistview32 control. I hadn't thought about the numbering issue, but yes, I can see why that occurs. I have no idea what to do about it though. Walking every column to see whether it is hidden or not is very expensive.

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