Possible issue with list column numbers in alpha

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Leonard and all:

Related to commit dbb1cf1e5e5f3f6b7895a12b037cc16b5f107f37:
Hide invisible columns in syslistview32 lists (#9873)

1. Hide some columns, for instance in eMule.
2. Navigate by columns in a list, for example servers.

Maybe expected: Report the column number according to the columns shown on the screen, not to the list item number of columns according to its object properties, so that the number reported agrees with the navigable columns.

Result: the reported number is based on the object properties.
Also, why should the moveToColumnNumber method be marked asprivate? This is just a question for which I'm curious. I use this method in eMule add-on and I am just working on it, so I have seen the mentioned issue.


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