UIAEventIdsToNVDAEventNames - missing events

Karl-Otto Rosenqvist

I'm digging around in the NVDA source in order to understand how it works and I was hoping on beeing able to use the general UIAutumationEvent to hook into the UIA_Selection_InvalidatedEvent but after finding the IUIAutomationEventHandler_HandleAutomationEvent event handler in _UIAHandler.py my hopes drained.

if not NVDAEventName:

The UIAEventIdsToNVDAEventNames dictionary doesn't contain the event id I was looking for and therefore I think I'm stuck.

Is that a correct observation or can I hook into the general UIAutomation event a different way?
Could anyone explain why the mentioned dictionary is limited to a certain set of event ids and thus limiting the developers who would like to extend NVDA?

Hopefully it's my lack of knowledge of Python and NVDA programming that comes to light here.

Kind regards


Karl-Otto Rosenqvist
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