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Might be of interest to anyone who has some knowledge if you can name the program and version. Is it still available?

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Hi, hope someone completes the answer.
You my find ideas from the poedit app module, though it tracks bold list items:

Also, you may look at DisplayModelTextInfo class:

Not sure if this will be useful for you. Just as a suggestion.


2019-10-04 7:13 GMT+02:00, Jason Meddaugh <jj@...>:
Hello. I have a Windows app which uses highlight tracking to mark the
position in a list. SO to NVDA, it sees all of the items in the list as
text. The selected item is in a different color than the others.

Window-Eyes, for one, had a way to do highlight tracking since this was
more common in older apps.

Is there a way to take an object and grab the text of a specific color?
I am still pretty new to add-ons, but it seems like textinfos may be
able to do something similar.

Thanks for any ideas.

Best regards,
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