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Karl-Otto Rosenqvist

I'm a heavy Visual Studio user, both VS 2017 and 2019.

The main issue I have with Visual Studio and NVDA is that NVDA seems to get overloaded with events or something when Visual Studio compiles in the background. NVDA can't speak what's focused sometimes, quite often sadly. When pressing Ctrl + Alt + L to set focus in the Solution Manager I can move up and down in the treeview and NVDA is silent. I can press F2 to get into edit mode for the file names or folder names and then NVDA wakes up and speaks that text. Sometimes I restart NVDA in order to get it on track again. Switching app with Alt + Tab and back again sometimes makes it work.

I've tried to add registry keys to set higher priority for NVDA and lower for some of the Visual Studio executables like the C# compiler but that didn't make any difference.

The silence is always encountered when compiling and there are errors. The error list is focused but NVDA doesn't speak because stuff happens in the background. Because I lack patience I press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + Shift + C which I've mapped to say what's on the clipboard. If I wait a loong time NVDA will begin speaking in that list too.

I haven't ramped up the logging to see what's causing the delay and I don't know if there would be the info necessary to hunt down the problem.

One thing I've made to Visual Studio is changed the setting so when I move around in the Solution Manager and selecting files they don't open in the editor automatically. That have made the navigation of the treeview smoother because NVDA got busy during the loading and enterpretation of the file's contents.

I gladly experiment along with you to find the bottleneck because Visual Studio is my main tool for developing WinForms and iOS apps.

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Den 2019-09-28 kl. 21:59, skrev francisco del roio:

El 28/9/2019 a las 13:16, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io escribió:
Not sure its uia related since the lack of a focus to a newly opened
folder in explorer or the first page in a browser seems to have been an
issue for many since I can remember. Its as if it is being missed and
the only way to make it work is to alter and return focus manually by
doing something major like opening a menu and closing it. It seems to be
one of those things that some people see all the time, while others
never do. Just guessing from your description on the alt key as I do not
use the program you mention myself.
Yes, issues like the ones you mentioned.
Visual Studio is UIA in its entirety, except for some parts that NVDA
recognizes as IAccessible/IAccessible2 objects. For example the Cloud
Explorer is an MSHTML document...
I think that Visual Studio is the best accessible IDE, however for some
reason there aren't so much blind developers using it, maybe because it
is focused to windows development with WPF/UWP or ASP.Net Core, and none
of these frameworks are popular in our community.
Back to the discussion, I have some monts trying to figure out where is
the problem.

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