Re: The Alpha and Java Access Bridge

Jens Gierke

Can't confirm that.
- NVDA alpha 18677
- Win 10 1903 64bit
- OpenJDK

"it works with JAWS" is not a helpful information.
Does it work with the latest stable of NVDA? If not, my first guess is
that your Java setup is not correct. When you run the IDE using a 64bit
JVM you must have installed a 32bit JVM which can NVDA use as
interconnect for the 64bit Access Bridge.

Best regards,

Am 17.09.2019 um 18:52 schrieb Karl-Otto Rosenqvist:

I have the version: alpha-18677,348c3500 and it doesn't seem to work
with Java Access Bridge. I know it works because JAWS makes the Arduino
IDE accessible after I've installed Java Access Bridge but NVDA doesn't

Is this due to me running an alpha version or is it something else?

Kind regards


Karl-Otto Rosenqvist
Orgnr: 750804-3937
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