Re: WX.Menu item help text: where is it used?

Robert Hänggi

I suppose that this text is never used because it is only applicable
for windows that have both, a menu bar and a status line.
That's obviously not the case for a systray icon that has just a bunch of menus.
The top window is actually hidden.
I can't say for sure but I think the status line availability is
defined through the window style attribute.
NVDA doesn't pay much heed to that fact.
Search for instance the status line in NVDA's settings panel (with NVDA+End).
What you get are the buttons and not some kind of informative
description of the item you're focused on (if it were defined in the
first place).
Naturally, it should say that there isn't any status line.

On 03/09/2019, Noelia Ruiz <nrm1977@...> wrote:
Hi, answering in devel in case lead developers would like to clarify
something or use this discussion for NVDA's improvements.
I think that, in practical terms, the optional help string is never
used by NVDA, never spoken or braillified.
I don't know if this would make sense with the new vision framework,
for instance if this can be highlighted or show in some way.


2019-08-30 4:22 GMT+02:00, Luke Davis <luke@...>:

Perhaps a stupid question, but if I call something like:

_("&menuItemName..."), _("Some descriptive text"))

where will "Some descriptive text" be used?

WX calls this "help", so I thought I would find it in a mouse hover or
of some kind, but in attempting this with both the keyboard and the
mouse, in NVDA 2017.3, I can not get anything spoken.

The docs for WX.Menu 4.1.0 say:

An optional help string associated with the item. By default, the handler
displays this string in the status line.

Which helps me not at all.


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