Re: Screen Curtain: September 6th build, preparing for future NVDA releases #addonrelease

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So it will still work where it worked before, so no issues to anybody then?
Not that I use it myself as my puters do not have a screen in the first place!

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Subject: [nvda-devel] Screen Curtain: September 6th build, preparing for future NVDA releases #AddonRelease

Hi all,

In about an hour from now Screen Curtain September 6th build will be
released. This build is important because it includes a good news and a bad
news (depending on how you view it):

* Good news: Screen Curtain add-on is ready for NVDA 2019.3 (alpha
* Bad news: this will be one of the last builds of this add-on.

As for this being a bad news for Screen Curtain add-on, not entirely a bad
news: Screen Curtain add-on has found a new home, and that is latest NVDA
alpha snapshot. As part of this transplantation, Leonard de Ruijter (the
author behind routines in this add-on and allowing me to package his work as
an add-on for field testing) rewrote major portions of screen curtain
facility. Thus, if you are using latest NVDA 2019.3 alpha snapshot, today's
Screen Curtain add-on release will recognize this and not load itself.

As for today's release being one of the last releases of Screen Curtain
add-on: yes, although it won't be until NVDA 2019.3 stable version is
released that this add-on will be declared end of life. This is because
there might be changes that will require me to adjust end of life strategy
for this add-on. The repo will not be removed from my GitHub so people can
study it once the add-on ceases active development.




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