Re: WX.Menu item help text: where is it used?

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, answering in devel in case lead developers would like to clarify
something or use this discussion for NVDA's improvements.
I think that, in practical terms, the optional help string is never
used by NVDA, never spoken or braillified.
I don't know if this would make sense with the new vision framework,
for instance if this can be highlighted or show in some way.


2019-08-30 4:22 GMT+02:00, Luke Davis <luke@...>:


Perhaps a stupid question, but if I call something like:

_("&menuItemName..."), _("Some descriptive text"))

where will "Some descriptive text" be used?

WX calls this "help", so I thought I would find it in a mouse hover or
of some kind, but in attempting this with both the keyboard and the actual
mouse, in NVDA 2017.3, I can not get anything spoken.

The docs for WX.Menu 4.1.0 say:

An optional help string associated with the item. By default, the handler
displays this string in the status line.

Which helps me not at all.


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