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Well this ere machine is running XP and I have another machine also running it and two more as well. They are not used really on line or in most dangerous environments but do have to run legacy software, and are unupdatable so while they still work, why not?

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Why are you using such an old version of nvda, are you using XP?
I knew someone was going to ask me that.:) I was testing add-on compatibility with old versions of NVDA. So I had one of them running when I was looking into that method call. A translations team member asked me to fix a missing translator comment for the text in that call, and it got me wondering where the text was actually going to be used.

I am working on various add-ons that I would like to have available both in 2019.3, and back as far as 2017.3 for those poor souls (or the stubborn holdouts) still using XP or Vista.


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