Can anyone help with itis oddity?

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I have just returned from trying to run the new Trial version of nvda with the fixed Explorer crash on the computer at our studio. It is running Windows home Premium 64 bit and is all up to date. I had put it on as a temp copy on a ramstick, and tested it on this machine at home,but when I tried to run it on the other machine it clamed that the program nvda.exe was not a valid 32 or 64 bit but in fact a 16bit one and therefore not supported. It did not mention the exe file just the folder name it was in.
I tried copying it over to the main drive with the same result.
Is there any reason why this might happen?
A temp copy of the current stable version works perfectly wherever you run it from.
All suggestions welcome.

Why on earth should it think its was a 16bit? I even ran it from a batch file and the same thing happens but back here on the machine I made it on all is still fine. This is 7 pro though.

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