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Just a thought, have you got the correct version of the win 10 essentials add on installed for the version of win 10 in use.
One of the bugbears I have is the awful email client though. I hate it if I have to use Win 10. They obviously want everyone to buy Outlook!

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I get the following in the NVDA log when pressing control+r to reply to an email:

ERROR - scriptHandler.executeScript (17:01:40.127):
error executing script: <bound method GlobalCommands.script_review_currentWord of <globalCommands.GlobalCommands object at 0x0591C230>> with gesture u'numpad 5'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "scriptHandler.pyc", line 192, in executeScript
File "globalCommands.pyc", line 1063, in script_review_currentWord
File "treeInterceptorHandler.pyc", line 172, in copy
File "NVDAObjects\UIA\__init__.pyc", line 686, in copy
File "NVDAObjects\UIA\__init__.pyc", line 276, in __init__
RuntimeError: Could not clone range

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