Formatting information script

Andy B.



I am developing an add-on that requests the formatting information of the currently focused item. Right now, NVDA requests a textInfos object from the current review position. However, my add-on sets focus on objects that has a focusable flag set to False. HTML5 div and section elements are good examples. They cannot gain focus, but I force NVDA to set focus to those elements anyways. A strange problem is that objects that NVDA cannot naturally navigate to does not have a review position. This means my add-on must implement its own formatting retrieval system, defeating the entire purpose of reusable code. If NVDA is going to implement a setFocusObject method, then it should allow users to tell NVDA what object to get formatting information from… If one is not provided, use the current review position. Until something is done, my add-on is stuck because I do not see the point in rewriting what is already provided in NVDA core.






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