Re: Excel: Three Small Fixes

Luke Davis

On Sat, 17 Aug 2019, James Scholes wrote:

On 16/08/2019 at 10:03 pm, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:
Your first ask is a long going thread on github, I prefer an option to give us the option what is spoken first, the cell coordinates or the cell content.
This isn't what the original poster is asking for. They want to change the order in which column/row headers are spoken, relative to the overall speaking of the cell itself.
Interesting. I read that the OP said row and column headers too, but in my mind immediately translated that to cell coordinates and continued reading on that basis. In other words, I understood it the same as Ralf did.

Given your more precise reading, that raises a question.

In Excel? even with row and column header announcements turned on, the row/column headers aren't spoken at all. It isn't even clear how NVDA would know what the column and row headers are.
In fact I can't figure out a way to make it speak headers even if I try.

It does, however, speak cell coordinates.

This is why my original understanding of the message went to coordinates out of the box.

So, how exactly does one get NVDA to announce column and row headers in Excel in the first place, so I can then decide whether I like them spoken first or last?


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