Re: Excel: Three Small Fixes

Bill Dengler

As for your second and third requests, they should be possible:
2. Figure out how to identify the control and create a CUSTOM NVDA class. Set the description property to the empty string.
3. Bind f8 to a custom script in VBA editor.


On 16 Aug 2019, at 14:45, Jim Homme <jhomme@...> wrote:

Would this be something too small for an add-on? I’m wishing for three things to happen in Excel and thinking of attempting to change them. I’m unsure if I can do this based on my Python knowledge, but I’m annoyed enough to try.
First: In Excel, if I move, I want NVDA to say column headers and row headers first, not last.
Second, if I choose something in an in-cell dropdown, the description property and the name property in the log always has the exact same information. Even though I consider this a Microsoft issue, I still wish it only spoke once. I want to make NVDA ignore the description, but do not want to turn that setting off. I created a profile that does this to get around the problem.
Third, in the VBA editor, F8 steps through code and moves the cursor to the next line. I would like NVDA to figure out that I am in the VBA editor and say the line after I press F8.
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