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Ralf Kefferpuetz

Your first ask is a long going thread on github, I prefer an option to give us the option what is spoken first, the cell coordinates or the cell content. My personal optinion is that the cell coordinates should be spoken before the cell content….but this opinion differs 😊


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Would this be something too small for an add-on? I’m wishing for three things to happen in Excel and thinking of attempting to change them. I’m unsure if I can do this based on my Python knowledge, but I’m annoyed enough to try.


First: In Excel, if I move, I want NVDA to say column headers and row headers first, not last.

Second, if I choose something in an in-cell dropdown, the description property and the name property in the log always has the exact same information. Even though I consider this a Microsoft issue, I still wish it only spoke once. I want to make NVDA ignore the description, but do not want to turn that setting off. I created a profile that does this to get around the problem.

Third, in the VBA editor, F8 steps through code and moves the cursor to the next line. I would like NVDA to figure out that I am in the VBA editor and say the line after I press F8.











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