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Hi this add on when in Alpha and I launch alpha after closing the stable version of nvda has this worning sound.

DEBUG - core.main (13:30:51.371):
Initializing core pump
DEBUG - core.main (13:30:51.371):
Initializing watchdog
DEBUG - core.main (13:30:51.372):
initializing updateCheck
INFO - core.main (13:30:51.375):
NVDA initialized
DEBUG - core.main (13:30:51.375):
entering wx application main loop
IO - speech.speak (13:30:51.408):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), 'Taskbar']
DEBUGWARNING - characterProcessing._getSpeechSymbolsForLocale (13:30:51.408):
No CLDR data for locale en_GB
ERROR - stderr (13:30:52.446):
Exception in thread Thread-24:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "threading.pyc", line 926, in _bootstrap_inner
File "threading.pyc", line 870, in run
File "C:\nvda extra\userConfig\addons\addonUpdater\globalPlugins\addonUpdater\", line 134, in fetchAddonInfo
addonUrl = results[addonKey]
KeyError: 'tbx-stable'
IO - inputCore.InputManager.executeGesture (13:30:58.320):
Input: kb(desktop):control+alt+r
IO - speech.speak (13:30:58.414):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), 'reboot nvda with log terminal']
IO - speech.speak (13:30:58.417):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), '80 space', 'blank']
INFO - core.main (13:30:58.505):

No idea what it means though.

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From: "Joseph Lee" <@joslee>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2019 4:43 PM
Subject: [nvda-devel] Add-on Updater 19.08 released, first of two mandatory updates for everyone #AddonRelease

Hi everyone,

Add-on Updater 19.08 is now available. This is the first of two mandatory
updates for anyone using Add-on Updater.


* Version 19.08 removes an experimental feature to present a toast
message on Windows 10 when new add-on updates become available. Although
this is useful, it was found that it isn't ready for primetime yet (thanks
for community feedback). Because this experiment was controlled by a
setting, version 19.08 removes this, hence this being a mandatory update.
* Version 19.08 includes a possible fix for download time-out.
Specifically, if you respond to update notification more than five minutes
of it appearing, you may get an error in regards to update download. This
has been corrected, along with a new way of accessing the add-ons website to
retrieve update status information for various add-ons.

The following describes Add-on Updater releases for the next few weeks:

* 19.08 (released today): supports NVDA 2019.1, first mandatory
* 19.08.1: to be released shortly after NVDA 2019.2 is released. The
only change will be minimum NVDA version supported - 2019.2. This is not a
mandatory update.
* 19.09 (anniversary update): to be released later in August (or by
early September at the latest), second mandatory update for everyone and
requiring NVDA 2019.2 or later. By then, if the time-out bug is resolved,
it'll become a permanent feature of this add-on.



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