Python 3 and Windows API functions: please standardize around Unicode (wide character) functions unless justified otherwise


Hi all,


The following Python 3 porting directive applies to anyone working with Windows API functions, specifically ones requiring strings for certain operations:


August 2019 Python 3 add-on directive no. 1: standardize around Unicode (wide character) functions unless justified otherwise


Certain Windows API functions expect different string data format depending on which function signature is invoked:


  • *A: ANSI (bytes)
  • *W: Unicode (wide characters)


Functions defined this way include FindWindow, FindWindowEx, and others. Because Python 3 wants to use Unicode by default, you should call wide character functions (FindWindowW, for example) unless justified otherwise. If you absolutely need to use ANSI functions, please prefix strings with a “b” (without quotes).




# Yes:

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowW(“windowClassName”, None) # strictly Python 3

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowA(b“ANSIClassName”, None) # Python 2 and 3

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowW(u”UnicodeClassName”, None) # Python 2 and 3

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowA(“windowClassName”, None) # strictly Python 2


# No:

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowA(“UnicodeClassName”, None) # No in Python 3

HWND = winUser.user32.FindWindowW(b”ANSIClassName”, None) # Wrong data type across Python versions


Of these, I recommend going with option 3 (from first list), as it guarantees widest compatibility.


The following add-ons are affected:


  • Dropbox
  • Extended Winamp
  • StationPlaylist
  • SystrayList
  • Many more


Add-ons noted above may load under NVDA 2019.3 alpha if manifests are modified. For add-ons hosted on community add-ons website, StationPlaylist and SystrayList passes this check.


Next steps: please contact add-on authors regarding their thoughts on compatibility.





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