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Patrick ZAJDA

Hello Reef,

First of all, nice to see this great news.

It looks like there is something strange, or must be reviewed :)

The "script" decorator make these new tests failed with this message:


E121 continuation line under-indented for hanging indent"

I wanted to test with my pull request as it is not a bug I though it could be good to see what happens.

I might have done something bad, even if I read and the other script with the decorator has the same style as the code I made.

What should I do to pass these tests?



Le 01/08/2019 à 20:58, Reef Turner a écrit :

Hi everyone,


We have recently introduced new checks for Pull Requests on GitHub.


Code contributors regularly have to deal with ill-defined and inconsistently enforced code style requirements. Code reviewers spend much of their time reporting minor issues, time that would be better spent looking for architectural problems / product issues / logic errors.


To improve this situation, in future PR builds the Flake8 linter will be run checking any new code that will be introduced with a PR. This can also be run with SCons using `scons lint base=origin/master`. Please see the `tests/lint/` file for more information.


As part of a PR build, the Flake8 linter will be run checking any new code that will be introduced with a PR. When Flake8 reports the does not comply with it’s configuration, a message from Appveyor will be added as a comment to the Pull Request, and the build will fail. Please note, that in this case the artifacts (PR build executable) will still be available if those steps were successful.


We have included an extension with the linter setup to allow tabs instead of spaces, and my find it necessary to disable other warnings, or introduce workarounds. However, in general we would like to stick as close to the default settings as possible.


Thanks for all your contributions!


Reef Turner Software Developer

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Patrick ZAJDA
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