Re: Query regarding the porting of NVDA to Python3

Robert Hänggi

Yes, it's strictly hypothetical.
Needless to say that both versions had to coexist/be available.
We move Audacity to 64-bit for the simple reason that the newest MacOS
doesn't support 32-bit applications any more.
This is evidently not touching NVDA but no one knows if at some time
Python or WXWidgets will drop 32-bit as well.

On 30/07/2019, Joseph Lee <@joslee> wrote:

Another downside is that x64 NVDA build won’t run on ARM64 on older Windows
10 releases because the emulator only supports x86 32-bit, although moving
to 64-bit means a native ARM build becomes theoretically possible.



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Subject: Re: [nvda-devel] Query regarding the porting of NVDA to Python3


As far as I"m aware, there are currently no plans to create an x64 version
of NVDA. No one stops anyone from putting some research into it, but I think
the benefits it would have are mostly theoretical ones. It should be noted
that we wouldn't be able to cover x86 systems with such a build of NVDA, so
that's probably the most major reason not to investigate it further at this



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