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Yes, please start using the alpha snapshots (these are based on master). Very little, if anything, will be delivered to threshold / threshold_py3_staging. If anything is delivered to those branches, it will be merge back to master after a short time.


While the initial plan was to have a minimal 2019.3 release for the benefit of ease of debugging issues. We have instead decided to allow new features into the 2019.3 release, we decided it was more important to address the backlog of PR’s. That said our primary focus this release is to achieve the best stability that we can. Therefore bug fixes will be prioritised over new features.


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Would I be right then in now stopping having threshold or threshold staging

snaps and concentrating on alpha for python 3 testing Installed stable and

say a beta and a late beta/rc snap? The sheer number of different snaps

recently has caused confusion I think.

Also is it basically the case that 2019.3 will basically be the same as

2019.2 but python 3, sound refactor and bug fixes rather than any big new

features so all the wrinkles can be ironed out? That would also help add ons

catch up and give time for those who use add ons not updated to still use

the old version.



I shall continue to modify manifests, just to see what happens but disable

if things look shaky. Some fixes should be simple, like the missing prompts

in the extended winamp, but I'd think the very handy 3d sound add on is

going to  annoy me after coming to know the noises!


Toolbar Explorer needs a fix, as this has proved very useful.




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