Re: Threshold snapshot

francisco del roio

El 21/7/2019 a las 12:37, Joseph Lee escribió:
Pull requests: I advise waiting until threshold is merged into master before
filing new pull requests, and if there are pull requests you are working on,
try rebasing them to master once that happens. Note that for some of us,
rebasing will produce conflicts and/or the pull request won't work, which
may indicate modifying the pull request to conform with threshold
expectations, Python 3, or a combination of these.
Async/await: this is useful for generators that needs to run without the
caller being bothered by it i.e. process things without holding up the main
thread. However, because NVDA is a heavy I/O user, I think it might not be
the best approach unless tests after Python 3 transition indicate its
In terms of Python 3, right now the biggest concern is text handling and
implications for various subsystems, including speech synthesizers, text
navigation and editing in certain scenarios, and dealing with subtle things
about Unicode. There are other things to think about, but it mostly concerns
Python modules and won't show up until Python 3.8 such as gettext.pgettext
family (note that we may or may not end up going to Python 3.8 when we are
targeting 3.7).
I have a good machine. Can I debug it with Visual Studio Code (I mean
running from source inside a VM and attaching the debugger session)? Is
it practical or a waste of time?

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