Threshold release plan

Reef Turner

I’d like to explain our current plan regarding upcoming releases of NVDA, and how the threshold branch (migration to Python 3, speech refactor) fits in.



  • 2019.2 release
    • A beta 3 is expected next week.
    • All changes on master have been pushed into this release.
  • 2019.3 release
    • Including changes from threshold.


We have decided to further delay the 2019.2 release, to include the remaining changes from master. We will not be merging new PR’s (except critical bug fixes) to master until threshold is merged to master. This serves two purposes:

  1. Get greater coverage of changes in the 2019.2 release by alpha users.
  2. Minimise the differences master has with the threshold branch.
    • The changes on master will have to be carefully reviewed looking for issues that may occur in a Python 3 environment / post speech refactor.

Once threshold has been merged back to master, PR’s can start to be merged again. PR authors will need to update their branches to ensure their proposed change is compatible with Python 3 / speech refactor.


Previously our intention was to make a threshold release with minimal changes (speech refactor and Python 3 migration) on top of the prior release. While this would make it easier to know the cause of any new bugs discovered, it will require a lot more work to manage incoming PR's and merges between these branches. Instead, we are aiming to get threshold into master as soon as possible, likely 1 or 2 weeks from now.


If you wish to help with this process, consider doing the following:

  • Testing of alpha
    • Currently alpha matches the upcoming 2019.2 release
    • Please report any issues.
  • Testing official Beta builds (Beta 2 is currently the latest)
  • Later an announcement will be made about testing the threshold branch.
    • This will be around the time it is merged to master.


Thank you for you patience during this transition.



Reef Turner
Software Developer

Twitter: @NVAccess 


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