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francisco del roio

Hello bill,

El 17/6/2019 a las 17:46, Bill Dengler escribió:
Thanks for trying out the UIA console!
The following known issues can't be fixed without work from Microsoft:

* When "speak passwords in UIA consoles" is disabled and one of "speak typed
characters" or "speak typed words" is enabled, `typedCharacter` events are
only dispatched once `textChange` is received. This may introduce a small
performance penalty. (this issue is theoretical, I haven't experienced it in
* Reporting of text selection is incorrect on Windows 10 version 1809 and
I am not in insider ... Yep, this happen to me.

* After all characters of the input line have been deleted, further presses
of backspace read the last character of the output line.
* On Windows 10 1903, the space character is not announced when deleting
* On Windows 10 1903, pressing down arrow does not read back the prompt.
* On Windows 10 1809 and earlier, space is read as "blank" when deleting
text (but is read properly in review).
This is a bit random, at least for me.

The following issues will be fixed once PR #9761 is merged:
* If the system language is not English, the name of the UIA console is not
* The windows 10 detection function always returns True if the
currently-running version is at least the supplied one. For example, this
makes it difficult to enable UIA consoles for Windows 10 1809 and later
except 1903.
* Since #9673, the last-typed word was sometimes still announced after
pressing enter with "speak typed words" enabled, including deleted
characters in some cases.
Can't reproduce this.

I have to add another to your list, but I don't know if you're aware of it:

When the console is full of lines, review commands only report the last
line. For example when you type git log on the NVDA repository.

Curiously, you can read the lines normally by using touchscreen
interaction. Is there a difference?

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