Re: The expected trashing of many current add ons when Python 3 version/sound changes comes out

Marlon Brandão de Sousa

When is Treshold set to be released?


Em 4 de jun de 2019, à(s) 06:40, Michael Curran <mick@...> escreveu:

By all means we will be notifying people. Especially synthDriver manufacturers. However, we are not yet ready to do that. Once Python 3 work has completed in Threshold, we will then start notifying people including providing pointers and guides to how to update add-ons. Add-on maintainers will get plenty of time (at least 2 months) to update their add-ons before Threshold is finally in an official release.


On 6/4/2019 6:09 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Some incompatibilities are already noticed in the beta and alpha snaps, but most of them seem quite minor, but I see in the main issues list a continuous stream of changes being required to make the normal nvda core perform correctly. Having already been monitoring some of the add ons I use for their ability to work under the ever changing conditions, it looks like most, if not all add ons will break.
Should somebody not look at the contacts for the add ons and make a mail list of them and suggest that they do some testing ahead of time and fix them as otherwise there will be a problem when the new version comes out all at once, add ons will fail to run or be disabled or behave strangely if you modify the manifest as I have done.

It was just a thought, as although it is obvious a supported version of Python has to be used for nvda, I do not believe many will be very happy when the new version basically resets the clock to a time when we had no add ons.


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