Re: how to start to lokk at sources of nvda

Roberto Burceni <roberto@...>

Hello Harnold,
Thank you for your email.
At this time I’m learning basics of python and this seems not so difficult. I’m already a developer but at this time only for web with php and I learned some years ago C language. So I hope to learn python qucly.
Thank you for your suggestions.
Best regards

Il giorno 20 mag 2019, alle ore 21:57, Arnold Loubriat <@DataTriny> ha scritto:

Hi Roberto and welcome,
If you are still beginning to learn Python, I would recommend that you first sharpen your programming skills before diving into NVDA's source code.
It is a fairly large code base and you will spend tons of hours finding where a particular feature is implemented.
When you feel that you have a good understanding of the Python programming language, I would suggest to take a quick look at Git and text searching tools (I personnally use ripgrep on Windows).
Finally, if you are interested in Braille in particular, you can have a look at liblouis as well as some display devices protocols.
But, as I said, make sure that you really know Python before going forward because NVDA's source code doesn't always make use of good practices. We are all trying to reach this goal and some pieces of the software are well designed, but it will take you a bit of experience to actually discover it.


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