Speaking ARIA Current Attribute

Jim Homme


By looking at the log I cannot figure out how to examine when NVDA speaks the aria-current attribute and I am wondering what other information I am missing when doing accessibility testing, so hopefully this is the right place to ask, because I am trying to start understanding the source and how to get information about what’s going on with how things work.


With that preamble out of the way, here is what I did. I went to this page.




When I got there, one of the links  said “Current page,” so I tried to look in the log to see if I could see that piece of text in the two name and description lines. I did not see it.


So next, I right clicked the link in Firefox and chose Inspect Element. Once I found the element, I right clicked it in the tree of code elements in the developer tools and copied the outer HTML, then brought it into my text editor to examine it. This is how I found the aria-current=”page” code, which I believe is making NVDA realize that the link is visually showing a sighted person that this is the current page.


This brings up two questions. Where does NVDA speak this, and why is it not in either the name or description areas?







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