Re: NVDA with one core broken in threshold snapshots



Thanks for reporting here, we're already aware of the issue,

Having said that, while we really encourage active testing of the threshold branch, we'd appreciate it if you could be reluctant filing issues and reports for Threshold, especially if it is related to add-ons. This branch is in active development and it has the focus of many people, including NV Access and other members of the NVDA Council. Therefore, it is pretty likely that major issues like this one are fixed on the next business day. If you really believe that we aren't aware of the issue after several days, please report it here as yet. This saves you the burden of checking this list or github and filing an issue here or there, and it saves us the need to reply on an e-mail or on a github issue and close it afterwards. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!



On 15-5-2019 18:13, Zachary Morris wrote:

I switched back to NVDA threshold to find that windows one core voices no longer work. The option in the synthesizer dialog is also gone. How do I fix this?

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