Re: Add-on development guide: let us remove the one found on add-ons community website in favor of GitHub version

derek riemer

Re translations: In order to do anything useful with NVDA development, you will need to understand english to read the documentation needed for development. This is more broad than just NVDA, a lot of programming is english centric. It is quite honestly a waste of our translators valuable time to translate the developer guide, because in order to really make the translations useful, the translator needs to have a solid understanding of the terms being used, many of which won't have equivelents in the translated language.

Re not knowing how to do certain things on github.
NVDA addon development is not a walk in the park, because people need to learn python. The project can spend time improving the product, and getting work done that will affect us all in amazing ways. We could also spend that time improving addon development guides, and other things, but ultimately, we use python for scripting, and with very good reasons. Any time we spend improving this process is time we are not able to spend working on the actual product. We can't do both. That being said, as new developers have come on board with the project, slowly people have been documenting what they found difficult, and improving the developer guides to make that useful. We are not trying to ignore the claims being made, but there are certain fundamental differences between NVDA addons and other screen reader scripts, and those differences were intentional choices made by the project in order to have a powerful scripting system. Some of those choices include having open wiki's that anyone, including everyone here, can maintain, and easing the burden on developers by storing those wikis in a place where they are automatically updated (github).

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