Re: Introducing our Google Summer of Code 2019 student: Bill Dengler

enes sarıbaş

Hi Bill,

I use the command prompt very regularly, and find the experience very bad with current support, specificly freezing with multiline output, spelling of output etc.

You will definitely change the lives of many by improving command prompt support.

On 5/15/2019 1:19 AM, Jim Homme wrote:
Hi Bill,
I am so happy that we have you here. I use NVDA almost all day, every day. You will be helping a lot of people have better lives at work, home, and play.


Jim Homme
Digital Accessibility
Bender Consulting Services

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Subject: [nvda-devel] Introducing our Google Summer of Code 2019 student: Bill Dengler

Hi all,

On behalf of NV Access I would like to officially welcome Bill Dengler
(codeofdusk) to the NVDA project, as our Google Summer of Code 2019 student.

Many people may have already seen Bill around, as he has contributed to
the project in the past. But we are very happy to be working with him in
an official capacity, under the Google Summer of Code program.

Between now and the end of August, Bill will be working on improving
NVDA's support for Windows consoles in Windows 10, by having NVDA take
advantage of UI Automation in this scenario.

You can read about NV Access on Google Summer of Code, plus Bill's
project abstract at

Please join me in making Bill welcome.



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