Re: Add-on development guide: let us remove the one found on add-ons community website in favor of GitHub version

Jim Homme


How do we get this to happen? I also think that some parts of the Development Guide from NVAccess should go in this area. The content from NVAccess would help beginning add-on developers get started.







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Subject: Re: [nvda-devel] Add-on development guide: let us remove the one found on add-ons community website in favor of GitHub version




I agree with you. It is only confusing to have two addon development guides, and I was actually confused myself the first time I googled which one to pick.


If someone really want to translate it then they can of course do that, but I think it is better to have an up to date guide in english than an out dated in many languages.


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On 5/14/2019 12:55 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


Some of you may see this message up to three times – that’s the beauty and a curse of blind carbon copies.


There was a question raised on the add-ons list regarding where to find the add-on development guide. At the moment the one that appears from Google search is:


However, the most up-to-date version can be found here:


I propose that we start referring to the second link. Although the first one has been translated into several languages, it is very out of date, as the last revision was in 2016 and hasn’t been updated ever since and won’t be updated at all. Although the second one is very up to date, it hasn’t been translated yet (personally I prefer to keep the guide in English, but I’m open to other possibilities). The biggest advantage of the second one is support for tables, and the fact that this is a wiki document that is also ready for revisions through Git make it a more attractive option.


Note that even though I am the author of the add-on development guide, it is still subject to community-based revisions. Also, Project Threshold is slowly being planned, which will make the first link obsolete. Therefore, you are more than welcome to provide feedback as to what to do until a few days after Threshold is launched, at which point backwards incompatible changes from my side (in this case, the link for the add-on development guide) will be locked.


Thank you.



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