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Yes, but many may not be a problem when problems do show up you can attempt to contact the author. I think one of the main things that needs to happen is for whoever contacts the author to be prepared for them to say, making it python 3 compatible is too much work. at that point one also needs to ask them if they might be prepared to donate the whole project to the community so others with more knowledge can have a go at the conversion.

So far the only one that definitely is going to give issues is the 3D sounds add on. If there is an alternative that can do this stereo and sound change bit then I'd get it and use it, but its not obvious to me from a quick scan of the add ons list.

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There is an under the surface problem that is masked by manifest edits: exactly what add-ons are affected? Because if you are using Threshold snapshots, you are effectively saying, "I'm willing to test backwards incompatible changes once they are ready". Hence, I think it would be best to contact authors of affected add-ons instead of editing manifests.

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Thanks rui. But what if those fields are not there in the manifests file as mentioned?

On 5/6/2019 3:48 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
1 - Unzip the addon, or open it with 7ZIP;
2 - Change those fields in manifest.ini;
3 - Compact again or allow 7ZIP to update the ZIP file...

Rui Fontes

Às 14:35 de 06/05/2019, Zachary Morris escreveu:

How to you change the minimum required nvda version and last tested
nvda version? I am using one of the threshold snapshots and I was
just wondering on how to do this.

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