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Or if like me you just want to see what happens when you allow existing add ons to be accepted, note this can be dangerous, but I'm sure you know that, Then open up, say a portable version of nvda threshold with add ons installed. go to the user config and add ons folder and have a look at the manifest file of, say Josephs add onupdater. Look at the last few lines which have the earliest and latest versions of nvda listed, there is also another line that says whether only stable releases are looked for and in some min windows version as well. The whole lot can be cut and pasted into a text file and simply cut and pasted onto the manifest file of any other add on in the list in that folder.


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1 - Unzip the addon, or open it with 7ZIP;
2 - Change those fields in manifest.ini;
3 - Compact again or allow 7ZIP to update the ZIP file...

Rui Fontes

Às 14:35 de 06/05/2019, Zachary Morris escreveu:

How to you change the minimum required nvda version and last tested nvda version? I am using one of the threshold snapshots and I was just wondering on how to do this.

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