Re: Speak the Contents of a wx.StaticText Control When It Changes


Hi Thomas,

Try winUser.NotifyWinEvent, it's used in the source/gui/ module to give the states of the checkboxes.

Every time you update your wx.StaticText or wx.TextCtrl, you can use for example:

import winUser
winUser.NotifyWinEvent(winUser.EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE, self.Handle, winUser.OBJID_CLIENT, indexOfYourTextCtrl)

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Le 13/04/2019 à 03:34, Thomas Stivers a écrit :

I am working on an application using wxpython. I would like to have NVDA speak the contents of either a wx.StaticText or wx.TextCtrl when the text changes. Is there a way to do this wouthout the application actively calling a function from NVDA or the controller dll? I've tried using Refresh() and Update() on the controls, but I still have to take action for NVDA to tell me about the change.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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