New contributor

Arnold Loubriat

Dear NVDA developers and contributors,
Some of you may already have encountered me on GitHub, I'm Arnold (also known as DataTriny). I'm a 21 years old software developer from France. Since I am currently unemployed, I decided to spare some time on this project (which greatly helps me daily as I am visually impaired).
I started submitting bug reports a long time ago, but I'm now trying to send pull requests. One or two already got merged, others are being reviewed, thanks for all the work!
I know several programming languages, (Python being one of them of course), and web technologies. I am fluent in English so I can pretty much understand all the discussions on GitHub (even with people using translators).
So, if you need someone to try replicating a bug, to do a particular task or whatever regarding this project, feel free to ping me @DataTriny.
Have a nice day, or night!


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