Regression in NVDA 2019.1 in regards to reporting of presence of formulas in Microsoft Office Excel 2007


Hello all,

A friend of mine reported to me, that NVDA 2019.1 does not report the presence of formulas in cells in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. In comparison, NVDA 2018.4 did report the presence of formulas in the same version of MS Office Excel.

I have two questions:

  1. Can anyone else reproduce this? I cannot test it, because I don't use that version of Office.
  2. If needs be, what does my friend have to do, to provide useful information which will help to report and diagnose the bug? Will a debug log from NVDA be enough? Or maybe a sample spreadsheet will also be required? Anything else?

Thanks much in advance!

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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