NUGA Update

Jerry Tibor

Our in-person meetings are again delayed by the ongoing closure of the BP Energy Center until at least January and the upswing in COVID cases.  Even with an alternate meeting place, presenters are not currently traveling to Alaska.  Also, outdoor dining for the next few months of the COVID surge is not practical so we will continue to err on the side of caution!


Our project manager and refurbishment guru, Tim Trueblood, sprouted feathers and became a snow bird this fall.  He left us a huge nest egg of desktops and gear.  We also have some routers and gear that would support a network.


Our biggest problem is we have all the desktops and monitors we can use, but COVID has dried up our usual charities for distribution.  If you know of any charities or educational sites that could possibly use our help or technology please bring it to Jerry or John’s attention.


Because of our overstock and lack of distribution, we are not accepting any more equipment donations at this time.


We hope this finds you safe and well and we will continue to update you about future meetings and events!






Jerry Tibor
Vice-President, Network Users Group Alaska


(907) 786-4734 - office