Re: Is anyone using proxmox in production?

Arthur Corliss

On Sat, 20 Nov 2021, JP wrote:

Good feedback everyone, I appreciate it. Just to clarify, I have been a
linux user since the 90s, and in addition to my service business I work as
a DevOps engineer for an enterprise, we build systems at scale with
kubernetes in both private and public clouds.

My question was more centered around the reliability of proxmox in a very
small business and from the standpoint of a small business service provider
who doesn't want to have to fiddle with it much. Was there any reason to
replace it. I am getting the feeling like there is no reason to replace it
other than the ford vs chevy argument.
I think you're spot on. If you already have it, no need to replace it, it
does the job.

--Arthur Corliss
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