Re: AT&T Discontinues their Office 365 service

Jake Ortman

TIL that AT&T sold 365.


For future reference in case anybody else is looking to do this, that kind of transfer is pretty easy if you’re going from third-party back to MS Direct. You basically go into the client’s 365 Tenant as a global admin, purchase the amount and type of licenses you were getting from AT&T/whoever, verify that you have double the licenses in your tenant, and then have AT&T cancel the licenses they provisioned (which will put you down to the proper amount needed). Microsoft will automatically assign the duplicate licenses as appropriate with no downtime when the others are cancelled. Once you verify things at working and the proper licenses are live, you can then remove the AT&T Partner Relationship in the tenant or at least get rid of their Admin rights (which were needed so they could provision licenses).


I’ve done dozens of 365 back-end vendor changes (from Microsoft-direct to various other vendors and back and forth) and the only time it gets too messy (in my experience) is when GoDaddy’s involved. GoDaddy was one of the first 365 resellers out there and they have a *special* integrated way that they do things that is non-standard and usually requires a third-party migration service to completely migrate from and cancel out. They seem to be the only vendor I’ve seen that does things in a weird way.


Questions, let me know.


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I have a client with Office 365 that they got from AT&T a number of years ago. An email was recently sent stating that AT&T will discontinue all Office 365 services on 12-15-2020 and offer a link to CDW to transfer accounts. This particular client wanted to pay Microsoft directly, not going with a local, or non-local, reseller. I did some work finding the right path for this and ended up with a pretty friendly and competent support person who is going to give my client the white-glove treatment to move them over, a nice guy working from home with his two dogs. He has confirmed that, although he works for a contractor doing support for Microsoft, this would be establishing a relationship directly with Microsoft for my client. 


I am sure there are local resellers who might have the opportunity to pick up some new clients. 


For any that would benefit, here is the person I worked with. I will reply here if there are any negative experiences, so no news is good news.


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