AT&T Discontinues their Office 365 service


I have a client with Office 365 that they got from AT&T a number of years ago. An email was recently sent stating that AT&T will discontinue all Office 365 services on 12-15-2020 and offer a link to CDW to transfer accounts. This particular client wanted to pay Microsoft directly, not going with a local, or non-local, reseller. I did some work finding the right path for this and ended up with a pretty friendly and competent support person who is going to give my client the white-glove treatment to move them over, a nice guy working from home with his two dogs. He has confirmed that, although he works for a contractor doing support for Microsoft, this would be establishing a relationship directly with Microsoft for my client. 

I am sure there are local resellers who might have the opportunity to pick up some new clients. 

For any that would benefit, here is the person I worked with. I will reply here if there are any negative experiences, so no news is good news.

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