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Do you have any headers to share or error messages? There isn't much to go on from your request. 

I have seen GCI getting blocked by Google because they (GCI) was on a blacklist somewhere. In another case it was rate limiting. I have also seen it where MTA was intercepting (or blocking) port 25 and 587 but not 465 on one client a number of years ago. In every case it was discovered by looking closely at the headers.

Google recently made some full tracing/tracking available through the console, so that might be of some help to the client:

On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:08 AM Pamela Means <meansp@...> wrote:
We’ve been trying to support customers who’s mail is getting blocked by Google. No where can we find how they create the record. Do any of you have a link that would help?

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