Just the two of us...

Mike, KD7TKQ

NU7DE 2008 Field Day Operations

A great time was had by all at this year's NU7DE Field Day operations from tub-side at Casa Blanca Hot Spring in Tonopah, Arizona.

In spite of only having two operators, and the occasional need to eat, sleep, and soak, we braved 115-degree desert temperatures to complete over 70 contacts on four bands and three modes during the twenty-four hour contesting period. Operating on solar power (or solar-charged batteries at night), stations worked were in two countries, including twenty different US States. Contacts were made from coast to coast and beyond; we even worked three different Hawaiian stations! Ajo worked 20M RTTY as well as 20, 40, and 80-meter SSB Phone, while Mike concentrated his efforts on sideband, making contacts on 20, 40, and 80 while occasionally checking 10 and 160 meters. Unfortunately, neither the top nor bottom HF bands yielded any contacts.

Our log can be found in our file library for your perusal:

Remember, a civilisation without trousers can never be caught with its pants down.

- Mike

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