2018 Field Day Report

Desert Circle ARC, NU7DE

Greetings NU7DE-ists,

Unlike last year where our Field Day activity was aborted and then the report was lost, this year we had a fairly good time of everything working Ok. Only trouble was not enough participants to keep all the available transmitters busy.

Our Field Day report is in the mail to ARRL however posting a copy here might take a while. Seems as tho Yahoo Groups Files capability is broken. Always something.

In the meantime...

We had a total of 53 contacts using PSK31 and RTTY, and four using FM and SSB for a total of 220 points.

Bonus Points claimed for Solar Power, ARRL Field Day Message copied, and Emergency/Natural power totaled 400.

I'll try again later to post the full report and log.

See you on the Radio!  --ajo

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