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In the Better Late Than Never Department:

Getting to be that time of my life I suppose; friends are dropping off more often than I am making new ones. Neither of you prob'ly knew our member Dave Goodwin, N1CMD, tho he visited me at El Dorado Hot Spring at least once back in the old days and was part of my tour to AlasKa in '98. David was born on October 27, 1946 and passed away on Monday, February 23, 2009. One of those folks in my pantheon who never did correspond all that much, he called me a few years ago when I was motoring through Vulture Mine Pass, rather distraught over a forced early retirement--being made redundant as the Brits call it.

Early on Dave had been one of those who challenged me to greater heights, to living on the edge. We did a lot of nude hikes together, climbed a lot of mountains, skinnydipped several rivers. In 2001 Dave was one of my guests when we drove from Franklin MAss to PHX donning textiles only for a dayhike, it was cold that day, to the top of the Gateway Memorial Arch in Saint Louis.

Another time he packed his bicycle into a cardboard box and flew with it to PHX so we could ride in the deserts west of Maricopa, he visited Mile99 and Magic Circle.

Dave introduced me to HighPointing but I'll prob'ly never get to some of taller peaks he accomplished.

I cleaned out his ham shack and have already disposed of most of his equipment. A few things remain:

Yaesu FT-709R UHF handheld w/m, 6xAA battery pack 100$

Mirage B3016, 30/160w 2m amp, w/manual 150$

Icom IC-2AT (the AT stands for AnTique) w/m, 6xAA 75$

Icom IC-02AT, w/manual and 6xAA battery pack 100$

Astron RS35M 13v, 35a power supply, w/schematic 100$

Uniden BC278CLT scanner 45$

Uniden BC760XLT scanner w/manual 55$

Uniden BC200XLT scanner 35$

Regency MX5000 scanner 25$

Commodore-64 computer in original box. No accessories 10$

Anything leftover by the time I get to Mile99 will be available for pickup there. If you want to reserve something write away. Make an offer.

Sorry about the tardiness of this.

Gardyloo, ajo

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