Field Day 2009

Mike, KD7TKQ

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, wherever you are.

This years' NU7DE field day operation was a bit smaller than last year, operating as a 1B from Tonopah, AZ. Between soaking and avoiding the heat, I was still able to get some operating in. Propogation was good. If anything, too good, making the bands a cacaphony of calling stations. Luck was to be had on 6 meters, working stations in Oklahoma and Kansas. Later I switched to 20 meters, working stations accross the country from Washington in the northwest to Florida in the southeast.

In all, a total of fifteen contacts were made in nine different states, for a total of 30 QSO points.

More points were earned in bonuses. Since my station was running entirely from solar and solar-charged battery power, I was able to claim 100 points for "emergency" power as well as another 100 points for "alternate" power. Additionally, I copied the W1AW bulletin - trying phone first, but I couldn't write fast enough. Luckily I was able to catch it on PSK31, earning that 100 point bonus.

All in all, the total score for NU7DE was 330 points.

The log is available in the "files" section of the website.

- Mike

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