Marin Tufted Duck and Sonoma County Harris's Sparrows update and other observations. 02/22/2021


The drake Tufted Duck found a few days ago in the Bahia Lagoon, Novato, Marin County  ( park at the end of Topaz Drive by the community pool/ tennis courts)  was seen again today by many observers. The duck is fairly easy to pick out among the big raft of Scaup and Goldeneye.  Viewing from the west side of the lagoon in the am seems best , but the birds move away from any joggers , walkers , dog walkers on the trail so try different locations around the lagoon.

The two Harris's Sparrows also continue today  in Freestone , Sonoma County. The best location to see both the adult and immature HASP are at 12747 El Camino Bodega . The sparrows are often there around the seed put near hanging feeders or in a large brush pile nearby.  You can view the feeders from the driveway and respect the property .Its also worth looking across from the Wild Flour Bakery as the adult bird has been seen across the road ( Bohemian Hwy)   in and along the edge of a field with willows. Plus you have a bonus of good coffee and the best bread and cinnamon rolls in the county.

Other observations the last few days:
 Two male Allen's Hummingbirds , first of the spring.  ( my first anyway).  Bodega Dunes Campground , Bodega Bay, Ca,.02/21/ 2021.
Two Black-legged Kittiwakes and one Northern Fulmar seen off Bodega Head , Bodega Bay , Ca . 02/21/ 2021.
1st year Glaucous Gull (seen off and on at Shollenberger Park this winter.)  , Petaluma , Ca.  02/22/2021.

Lastly of Marine Mammal note,on 02/21/2021  a dead , beached Pygmy Sperm Whale was on Salmon Creek Beach, Sonoma County.  I got there when the Marine Mammal Rescue was doing a necropsy on the animal. The whale sadly also had a fetus. Fascinating and sad as well to see such a beautiful and rarely seen cetacean beached and dead. 

Best to all, 

Scott Carey , Graton, Ca.

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